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Cron monitoring and reporting made simple.

Have you ever had a daily task go weeks without running successfully, unnoticed?

Yeah, us too.

Proby is a monitoring application that keeps an eye on scheduled tasks executed by cron or some other scheduler.

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Easily Monitor Cron Jobs

Proby is the ultimate compliment to cron. By simply wrapping your cron command in the Proby command line wrapper script, you will be able to ensure your job starts and stops successfully, on time.

Gear in

Resque Integration

Using the Proby library, integrating with the Resque queuing system is a snap. Simply include the Resque plugin in your worker class and tell it which Proby task to notify. The Proby library takes care of the rest.

Alarm bell

Alarms via Email or SMS

Proby can notify you if your task fails to start when expected. And, since Proby knows how long your task typically takes to run (by looking at the task's history), it can also notify you if you task doesn't finish when expected. Notifications can be sent via email or SMS.

Chart line

Task History, With Charts!

Proby keeps a history of the individual executions for each task. A portion of this history is presented as a line graph, plotted by run time, making it incredibly easy to see dramatic changes in the run time of your task. A more complete history is also available in a tabular format.


Mobile Optimized User Interface

Unfortunately, things don't always go wrong while you're sitting in front of a computer. Therefore, all of Proby's pages have been optimized for viewing on a mobile device, letting you access the data you need, when you need it, regardless of where you are.

System monitor

Simple, Clean Dashboard

Proby has a simple, clean dashboard that lists all of the tasks monitored, their current state (OK, Error, or Paused), their schedule, and more. Tasks currently in the Error state are always presented at the top of the list, making them easy to identify.


Customizable Settings Per Task

Tasks can have their own alarm settings and trigger criteria, or simply inherit the default configuration. Tasks can also be Paused if you want Proby to ignore that task for the time being.

Setting tools

Easy Setup

Simply upload your server's crontab file and tell Proby which tasks you would like to track. Then, update your tasks to notify Proby, via its HTTP API, when they start and finish.